Dr. Seelawut Damrongsiri

ดร. ศีลาวุธ ดำรงศิริ

Researcher, Professional Level


Article Name Year
Damrongsiri S., Phuaphuang M., Wattanachawanan S., Damkhum P., Hensawang S., Ponsin M., Chaisri B., Nuangjui M., Chanpiwat P., Occurrence, transport and sources of metals and metalloids in the Bangpakong River in the eastern economic corridor area of Thailand (2024), Science of the Total Environment, 945 , 2024
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Yngard R., Damrongsiri S., Osathaphan K., Sharma V.K., Ferrate(VI) oxidation of zinc-cyanide complex (2007), Chemosphere, 69 , 729-735 2007


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