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Nokpho P., Piemjaiswang R., Sema T., Piumsomboon P., Chalermsinsuwan B., Development of amine modified K2CO3/Al2O3 solid sorbent with exhaustion indicator for direct air capture of CO2 (2022), Energy Reports, 8 , 134-140 2022
Seawram S., Nimmanterdwong P., Sema T., Piemjaiswang R., Chalermsinsuwan B., Specific heat capacity prediction of hybrid nanofluid using artificial neural network and its heat transfer application (2022), Energy Reports, 8 , 8-15 2022
Suwannatrai S., Yan D.Y.S., Khamdahsag P., Tanboonchuy V., Zeolite/Cerium Oxide Coat-on Activated Alumina Ball for Arsenite Removal via Fixed- Bed Continuous Flow Adsorption Column (2022), Applied Science and Engineering Progress, 15 , 2022
Dubsok A., Khamdahsag P., Kittipongvises S., Life cycle environmental impact assessment of cyanate removal in mine tailings wastewater by nano-TiO2/FeCl3 photocatalysis (2022), Journal of Cleaner Production, 366 , 2022
Suphasomboon T., Vassanadumrongdee S., Toward sustainable consumption of green cosmetics and personal care products: The role of perceived value and ethical concern (2022), Sustainable Production and Consumption, 33 , 230-243 2022
Suphasomboon T., Vassanadumrongdee S., Toward sustainable consumption of green cosmetics and personal care products: The role of perceived value and ethical concern (2022), Sustainable Production and Consumption, 33 , 230-243 2022
Wongprapinkul B., Vassanadumrongdee S., A Systems Thinking Approach towards Single-Use Plastics Reduction in Food Delivery Business in Thailand (2022), Sustainability (Switzerland), 14 , 2022
Vichaiya T., Faiyue B., Rotarayanont S., Uthaibutra J., Saengnil K., Exogenous trehalose alleviates chilling injury of ‘Kim Ju’ guava by modulating soluble sugar and energy metabolisms (2022), Scientia Horticulturae, 301 , 2022
Usapein P., Tuntiwiwattanapun N., Polburee P., Veerakul P., Seekao C., Chavalparit O., Transition Pathway Palm Oil Research Framework Toward a Bio-Circular-Green Economy Model Using SWOT Analysis: A Case Study of Thailand (2022), Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10 , 2022
Phan K.A., Phihusut D., Tuntiwiwattanapun N., Preparation of rice husk hydrochar as an atrazine adsorbent: Optimization, characterization, and adsorption mechanisms (2022), Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 10 , 2022
Hensawang S., Chanpiwat P., Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses of human health risk from bioaccessible arsenic exposure via rice ingestion in Bangkok, Thailand (2022), Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, 32 , 434-441 2022
Thiemsakul D., Kamsuwan C., Piemjaiswang R., Piumsomboon P., Chalermsinsuwan B., Computational fluid dynamics simulation of internally circulating fluidized bed reactor for dry reforming of methane (2022), Energy Reports, 8 , 817-824 2022
Intarasit S., Faiyue B., Uthaibutra J., Saengnil K., Amelioration of nitrosative stress to reduce pericarp browning of harvested longan by chlorine dioxide (2022), Scientia Horticulturae, 293 , 2022
Srivastava S., Pathak S., Ponsin M., Hensawang S., Chanpiwat P., Yoeurn C., Phan K., Sustainable solutions to arsenic accumulation in rice grown in south and south-east Asia (2022), Crop and Pasture Science, 73 , 149-159 2022
Hensawang S., Chanpiwat P., Probabilistic estimation and statuses of total, bioaccessible and inorganic arsenic accumulation in commercial white and brown rice in Thailand (2022), Food Additives and Contaminants: Part B Surveillance, 15 , 191-202 2022
Tongcumpou C., Tuntiwiwattanapun N., Developing a cloud point extraction process for lipopeptide recovery from cell-free broth of Bacillus sp. GY19 (2022), Separation Science and Technology (Philadelphia), 57 , 2763-2771 2022
Yang K., Vassanadumrongdee S., Assessing Consumers’ Intentions Towards Green Alternatives of Disposable Packaging: A Case Study in Beijing and Shanghai (2022), Environmental Science and Engineering, 2 , 339-352 2022
Duangthong A., Damrongsiri S., Alteration of Fractionation and Bioavailability of Arsenic (As) in Paddy Soil under Transition from Aerobic to Anaerobic Conditions (2022), Environment and Natural Resources Journal, 20 , 89-95 2022
Ansar M.A., Assawadithalerd M., Tipmanee D., Laokiat L., Khamdahsag P., Kittipongvises S., Occupational exposure to hazards and volatile organic compounds in small-scale plastic recycling plants in Thailand by integrating risk and life cycle assessment concepts (2021), Journal of Cleaner Production, 329 , 2021
Dianita C., Piemjaiswang R., Chalermsinsuwan B., CFD simulation and statistical experimental design analysis of core annular flow in T-junction and Y-junction for oil-water system (2021), Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 176 , 279-295 2021


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