International Research Articles


Article Name Year
Kim K.-W., Kim S.-O., Phan K., Chanpiwat P., Editorial (2019), Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 41 , 2019
Sampanpanish P., Nanthavong K., Effect of EDTA and NTA on Arsenic Bioaccumulation and Translocation Using Phytoremediation by Mimosa pudica L. from Contaminated Soils (2019), Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 102 , 140-145 2019
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Pangkumhang B., Jutaporn P., Sorachoti K., Khamdahsag P., Tanboonchuy V., Applicability of iron (III) Trimesic (Fe-BTC) to enhance lignin separation from pulp and paper wastewater (2019), Sains Malaysiana, 48 , 199-208 2019
Chotikakham S., Faiyue B., Uthaibutra J., Saengnil K., Effects of methyl salicylate on senescent spotting and hydrogen peroxide concentration in ripening ‘Sucrier’ bananas (2019), Acta Horticulturae, 1245 , 115-121 2019
Limphitakphong N., Chaikatetham N., Khaimook T., Chavalparit O., Performance of air conditioning system in educational building for energy conservation (2019), International Journal of GEOMATE, 16 , 177-182 2019
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Hensawang S., Chanpiwat P., Analysis and probabilistic risk assessment of bioaccessible arsenic in polished and husked jasmine rice sold in Bangkok (2018), Chemosphere, 207 , 637-648 2018
Srinuykong R., Sampanpanish P., Effect of fertilizer type on cyanide, manganese, and arsenic phytoremediation in tailings from gold mining (2018), EnvironmentAsia, 11 , 117-132 2018
Chotikakham S., Vichaiya T., Faiyue B., Uthaibutra J., Saengnil K., Exogenous hydrogen peroxide protects senescent spotting and oxidative membrane damage of 'Sucrier' banana fruit during storage (2018), Acta Horticulturae, 1210 , 123-130 2018
Khamdahsag P., Khemthong P., Sitthisuwannakul K., Grisdanurak N., Wutikhun T., Rungnim C., Namuangruk S., Pimpha N., Insights into binding mechanism of silver/titanium dioxide composites for enhanced elemental mercury capture (2018), Materials Chemistry and Physics, 215 , 1-10 2018
Sampanpanish P., Pinpa K., Cadmium Removal from Contaminated Sediment Using EDTA and DTPA with Water Hyacinth (2018), International Journal of Environmental Research, 12 , 543-551 2018
Tuntiwiwattanapun N., Tongcumpou C., Sequential extraction and reactive extraction processing of spent coffee grounds: An alternative approach for pretreatment of biodiesel feedstocks and biodiesel production (2018), Industrial Crops and Products, 117 , 359-365 2018
Tanwattana P., Systematizing Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM): Case of urban flood-prone community in Thailand upstream area (2018), International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 28 , 798-812 2018
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Damrongsiri S., Transformation of heavy metal fractionation under changing environments: a case study of a drainage system in an e-waste dismantling community (2018), Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25 , 11800-11811 2018
Putthakasem N., Limphitakphong N., Chavalparit O., Scenarios of municipal solid waste management for mitigating greenhouse gas emission: A case study of supermarket in Bangkok, Thailand (2018), ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, , 31-35 2018


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