International Research Articles


Article Name Year
Tanwattana P., Toyoda Y., Contributions of gaming simulation in building community-based disaster risk management applying Japanese case to flood prone communities in Thailand upstream area (2018), International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 27 , 199-213 2018
Andriesse E., Tanwattana P., Coping with the End of the Commodities Boom: Rubber Smallholders in Southern Thailand Oscillating Between Near-poverty and Middle-class Status (2018), Journal of Developing Societies, 34 , 77-102 2018
Vassanadumrongdee S., Kittipongvises S., Factors influencing source separation intention and willingness to pay for improving waste management in Bangkok, Thailand (2018), Sustainable Environment Research, 28 , 90-99 2018
Nilrit S., Sampanpanish P., Bualert S., Carbon dioxide and methane emission rates from taxi vehicles in Thailand (2018), Carbon Management, 9 , 37-43 2018
Phanthasri J., Khamdahsag P., Jutaporn P., Sorachoti K., Wantala K., Tanboonchuy V., Enhancement of arsenite removal using manganese oxide coupled with iron (III) trimesic (2018), Applied Surface Science, 427 , 545-552 2018
Chutivisut P., Isobe K., Powtongsook S., Pungrasmi W., Kurisu F., Distinct microbial community performing dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium (DNRA) in a high C/NO3 – reactor (2018), Microbes and Environments, 33 , 264-271 2018
Khamdahsag P., Pimpha N., Thongruang R., Grisdanurak N., Nanny M.A., Wittayakun J., Photocatalytic degradation of atrazine using zinc oxide texturally modified with sticky rice starch template and doped with transition metals (2018), Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 17 , 2923-2931 2018
Tananonchai A., Sampanpanish P., Phytotolerance, phytotoxicity and phytoremediation of Cd and EDTA mixtures with napier grass (2018), EnvironmentAsia, 11 , 157-167 2018
Pantawat Sampanpanish and Yotsavanun Hongpiriyakul, Pb removal from contaminated water using EDTA with Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott at Klity Creek, Kanchanaburi, Thailand (2018), American Journal of Environmental Science, 14(3) , 110–117 2018
Pantawat Sampanpanish and Nawaporn Thetthotsaporn, Efficiency of EDTA and TWEEN 80 for removal of chromium using soil washing technologies (2018), American Journal of Applied Science, 15(1) , 43–50 2018
Thaipradit P., Limphitakphong N., Kanchanapiya P., Tantisattayakul T., Chavalparit O., The influence of building envelop materials on its life cycle performance: A case study of educational building in Thailand (2018), Key Engineering Materials, 780 KEM , 74-79 2018
Sampanpanish P., Suwattiga P., Removal of arsenic and manganese from the tailing storage facility of a gold mine using vetiveria zizanioides, Bambusa bambos and Pennisetum purpureum (2017), Soil and Environment, 36 , 114-119 2017
Hensawang S., Chanpiwat P., Health impact assessment of arsenic and cadmium intake via rice consumption in Bangkok, Thailand (2017), Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 189 , 2017
Ben Othman A., Ellouzi H., Planchais S., De Vos D., Faiyue B., Carol P., Abdelly C., Savoure A., Phospholipases Dζ1 and Dζ2 have distinct roles in growth and antioxidant systems in Arabidopsis thaliana responding to salt stress (2017), Planta, 246 , 721-735 2017
Tuntiwiwattanapun N., Usapein P., Tongcumpou C., The energy usage and environmental impact assessment of spent coffee grounds biodiesel production by an in-situ transesterification process (2017), Energy for Sustainable Development, 40 , 50-58 2017
Niyommaneerat W., Nakajima F., Tobino T., Yamamoto K., Development of a chronic sediment toxicity test using the benthic ostracod Heterocypris incongruens and their application to toxicity assessments of urban road dust (2017), Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 143 , 266-274 2017
Chumyam A., Shank L., Faiyue B., Uthaibutra J., Saengnil K., Effects of chlorine dioxide fumigation on redox balancing potential of antioxidative ascorbate-glutathione cycle in ‘Daw’ longan fruit during storage (2017), Scientia Horticulturae, 222 , 76-83 2017
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Homchuen K., Anuwattana R., Limphitakphong N., Chavalparit O., Toward zero waste to landfill: An effective method for recycling zeolite waste from refinery industry (2017), IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 222 , 2017
Treenate P., Limphitakphong N., Chavalparit O., A complete life cycle assessment of high density polyethylene plastic bottle (2017), IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 222 , 2017


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